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Thread: NGD SE Custom 24 2012 Purple Burst

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    Cool NGD SE Custom 24 2012 Purple Burst


    I knew I was probably going to get a new guitar this Xmas / Birthday. Didn't think i'd have the funds for anything approaching something like the C24 (Unless I grabbed the older model) but low and behold the stars aligned and I picked up a brand spanking new one for a nice price from PMT in Manchester.

    I was actually eyeing up the competition as I was gassing for another Strat such as the 50's Classic Series by Fender, but... But This 24 in a rather fetching purple burst stood out!

    Plugged it in and fell in love! Never got on with 24 fretters before but this felt pretty good. Still prefer the neck of the Bernie a touch but I can get used to this quite easily I think.

    I can also say it's perfect in terms of fit and finish. The nut is perfectly cut and doesn't go out of tune with trem use. [Edit: Closer examination and more time playing shows this not to be the case. The nut is fine for light trem use but I will need a new one as the high E is cut a little too low and there's some slight binding] Tone wise it's nice and bright acousticly and pretty good plugged in. With the Bernie I knew straight away I wanted to ditch the bridge pup but i'm liking what i'm hearing with this. Forgot it had the coil tap so I didn't mess with that in the shop.

    Think i'll pull the Suhr Doug Aldrich pup from the Bernie and put the Mule back in so I can have the one really vintage sounding guitar.

    The bad news?

    It's getting locked in it's bag for the next 25 days.

    Edit: Photos!

    Must be the birds he's after...

    I'll post a photo or two later today and a demo in the new year!
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