I had been gigging the HX/DA or the MDT as part of a 2-head setup using a radial headbone to switch heads. We do cover stuff, and using guitar volume alone to clean things up leaves you either too soft on one end of the spectrum or too clean on the other for the material we do. So, the head switcher is ideal (since I happen to have the heads to do this). The PRS head is always set to be the dirty head.

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but laziness got the best of me. Lugging the extra head isn't the big deal since I usually take a backup anyway, but the extra cables behind the amp ( the switcher is remoted) and the extra 5 minutes to set it up just doesn't appeal to the slacker in me.

So, the last couple of times I used the HX/DA or the MDT, I used it solo with a Rook OD pedal. It certainly sounds fine with the pedal. Really good actually....but in the end, I think that I'm going back to the 2-head setup. The amps themselves (both of them...really...) have such good and useable gain tone that you just know what you're missing when you set the amp clean and then use an OD pedal. For the places we play (roadhouse sorts of places) and the stuff we do, it's overkill for sure, but so what...

Anyway, here's clean with pedal, pretty much set at gig volume and settings. The clean parts at the beginning and end of the clip are as agressive as I need the clean to be, and it goes cleaner from there if you roll back the guitar volume.

and here's the 2-head setup. Posted this before, but not here. It's the ultimate in flexibility.

I guess if we stuck with a single genre, I could set the amp up by itself to cover most of the range but we don't. I'd be interested in the gigging experience of others who use either the MDT or HX/DA.