Hello everyone!!I posted a new video on YouTube!!Itís a Fusion Hybrid Picking Lick along with a jam!!
Get the tab from: http://www.yiannispapadopoulos.gr/index.php/freestuff

ΒΤW,I recently published my first book regarding technique for the electric guitar. Inside you will find:
35 Alternate picking sequences, 21 Sweep patters, 15 Legato patterns
and 26 Licks with Alternate, Sweep, Legato, Tapping and Hybrid picking.
The exercises are written in standard notation and tablature.

Moreover, in the Appendix you will find connections for scales and modes so that you can put everything youíll learn in the book into action!
You can get it in hard copy and an e-book (pdf).Also those of you that are into guitar pro, you can get extra all the material of the book in Guitar pro/tablature format.
Those of you that are interested you can get it here: