There has always been a divide between rockers and club people, in the 70's and 80's there was the "Disco Sucks" movement where people burned disco records. In the 90's and 00's it was "Heck no to Techno", and now the club kids are listening to music that some people have likened to "Robots fighting/having sex" under the guise of the Dubstep/Grime genre.

I will admit that I enjoy certain artists from all of these periods, and I feel that the need of the general public to dance to music is an important service that we as musicians should be required to provide, what about you?

Do any of you mature players who may have lived through the disco period find that disco does NOT suck so much anymore, especially in comparison to modern dance music? I mean these players had some really great parts that they actually PLAYED!

Can any of you deny the urge to dance when you hear some of these songs?

Don't you miss some of those real bass lines?

Without turning this into a continuation of my "Little Guitar" thread (this is just where I am at musically at the moment), what are some of the tunes from that era that make you move?, and if you had to defend disco, or introduce some younger player to it, where would you direct them as a fine example of great playing?

Lets start this off with a personal favorite, Emanuel Rahiem Leblanc (no relation) and the band GQ. Who says disco guitar is simple?!