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Thread: What Irritates You?

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    What Irritates You?

    We all know the usual everyday things that irritate us. The driver going twelve MPH in the passing lane who won't get the heck out of the way! And who doesn't have a problem with rude, thoughtless people using their cellphones when they shouldn't? Talk about an epidemic nowadays...

    But other than the obvious, probably universal things, what irritates you? Music-related or not, what is it that never fails to get your goat? Do you have an unusual pet peeve?

    Here's one of mine: I can't stand rude, inconsiderate people who go to gigs with reserved seating and then STAND in front of others. Sit down! I bought a ticket too, and I don't want to look at your backside all night! You wanna stand for the whole show? Fine, then get behind me! Whatever happened to common courtesy?!?

    This topic is all in fun - more or less. I'm not trying to get anybody's blood pressure up on a Monday morning.

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