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Thread: Youtube....what is the strangest video you have ever actually searched for?

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    Youtube....what is the strangest video you have ever actually searched for?

    I have to say that with the advent of youtube I have come to the conclusion that just about anything that has ever been filmed is available to be viewed on this site. It is incredible to see what has been loaded up there.

    the inspiration of this thread may precede a lot of you members....the other day I was thinking about all the strange, weird, awful and tacky sitcoms that used to populate TV. OK..nothing has really changed in that regard. But...back in the '60's...before the advent of the 1 hour variety show which catapulted the Smothers Brothers into national fame...they had a very strange sitcom that lasted 1 season. That show featured Tommy as an apprentice angel and Dick as his beleaguered brother. I was probably about 10 years old or so when I watched it.

    So...while walking the dog the other day....I couldn't get the stoooopid theme song out of my head...but of course...47 or so years was kinda hard to remember the stooopid lyrics..althought for some reason I could remember the actual tune...the melody...perfectly. For your dining and dancing pleasure, I present the original Smothers Brothers sitcom theme song...and ask you all to share the strangest youtube video you have ever actually searched for ("Treeman, the Angriest Guitar player in the world" doesn't count folks!) make sure we take full advantage of the weirdness that is out there...let's please add to this thread to include all of those youtube videos that you've found by accident while searching for something else.
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