I got to thinking lately about how much I've spent on gear. I was fortunate enough to catch the guitar bug at 14, so I started buying gear as soon as I got my first job at 16. At first, gear was probably 90% of my budget. I lived rent-free with my parents until I was 22, and aside from buying/selling a few cars, the vast majority of my income was for guitar stuff.

Now, for the past 11 years as a "grown up" in the world, it seems like I spend less and less on gear. Other priorities keep popping up (house, wife, kid). This year, I took up cycling and spent more than all of my guitar budget on bikes and cycling gear. Cycling is a great passion to have, but it still pains me a little that I spent that money on something other than a new PRS.

So that's where I am on my journey. How has the way you buy guitar gear changed over the years? What has led you to buy more/less gear?