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Thread: NAD - Channel H in Paisley and Black Gold!

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    NAD - Channel H in Paisley and Black Gold!

    NAD, 2 Channel H, with Black Gold and Paisley to match the rest of my PRS Amp Harem!

    I already have one of these up in Ottawa where I rehearse and gig occasionally, wanted one for home as well to get a chance to really dial in the settings, and to have a clean channel option at home.

    Lots of Paisley and Black Gold going on here these days! Headbanger (Sorry, should have used flash to fill in the shadows on this pic...)

    So far, so good, the Dirty tones are a slightly more modern alternative to the Sewell and the MDT, and the clean channel sounds great. (Not as good as the Dallas, but certainly better than the MDT or the Sewell, and it is great to have it on tap at the click of a footswitch...)
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    Nice piece to add to the collection there Pete
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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    Now that is a sexy amp! Paisley rules!
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    Killer, Pete! Now when do we get to see the 1st full-size PRS amp stack (two 4x12's)?
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    I like it!

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