So I just got a new Fredrik Akesson SE, and gave it a good setup with a fresh set of 10-46 gauge strings. Though, while I was setting the intonation for the low E, the saddle screw somehow popped out and now the saddle doesn't stay in place anymore. I noticed the screw has a small plastic washer and a spring (in that order) padding it's contact with the actual bridge hardware; is that the right configuration, or did something fall out when it popped? I would try to check against the other saddles, but those are all pretty stable and I don't want to mess things up further. Since there isn't a place for the screw to lock-in to on the other side of the saddle cavity, that spring seems to be pushing the screw enough to throw off the intonation when playing. I would just remove the spring and try it that way, but I'd prefer to have it how it was originally.

Anybody else deal with something like that on this type of bridge?