I get crazy ideas. "REALLY" you say. So at the EXP I asked the young man at his PS table if they could do this crazy thing I actually had a real dream about. He calls over someone else....more head scratching. (maybe there is a lice problem up there?) Everyone thought it sounded very cool & they said no one had ever asked for this request. One guy said "make sure you don't tell the guys in Indiana about this"! SO...fast forward a few months & I do a formal request thru a VERY patient dealer, thank Derek, and we get more head scratching. They gave me lots of options to draw me away from the original idea (all in the name of tone) but that wasn't what was in my dream. I also can't get the idea out of MY head.
I'm not giving it away yet. I will say that I found a much, much, much less pricey way to see if my idea works & Shawn is now in on this. Oh yea, Shawn, this project is a secret. Forgot to tell you about that. If you want to do any pics during the process, that's fine with me.
So, back to my question....what's the craziest thing you've wanted on a PS (or any guitar for that matter) ?
BTW, that crazy tree-of-life, MIDI, piezo beauty in the dealer section is crazy & I love it! True "Do it all" guitar.