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    3 Mike 7-12

    So our friend Mike came up with an unusual idea and asked the PTC if we could execute his crazy plan. He wanted to take a PRS 12 string and turn it into a 7 string. After a little discussion, we said “Yes!”.

    Th3Mike then bought a PRS 12 string sight unseen and had it shipped directly to the factory for renovations. Here is the progress so far.

    Skitchy laid out the tuners to see how they were going to line up using only 7 of the 12 holes.

    He than made a makeshift bridge to determine how the string spacing was going to work. Since this was going to have a unique string spacing, he had to modify many of the parts that will be used.

    Since the existing holes did not line up well, most of the holes were filled…

    …and then re-drilled in the correct position

    Mike wanted the center pickup removed and filled in, so Skitchy made blocks to plug the holes.

    Since a new bridge was necessary, the studs were pulled and plugged and new bridge holes drilled

    Oh yeah, string-thru body

    Siggy Electronics need divots, right?

    Headstock starting to take shape

    This has been a challenging and fun project so far and I can’t wait to see the final product. More to come.
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