So When I first started playing I bought a cheap Epiphone acoustic. After a couple of years I bought a Guild D4 and didn't pick the Epi up again. A few months after that my mother has a friend that she was in group therapy with who played guitar, but hadn't played in a while and thought it may be therapeutic to pick it up again, but had no means to buy one. My mom asked me if she could have the Epi and I gave it to my mom so she could give it to the lady.

I have a niece that wanted to learn to play and she was working very hard to learn, so I gave her a cheapo hollow body I had sitting around (after a good setup and cleaning) and she loves it.

My son was learning to play so I gave him one of my Larrivees...he has since given it back because he stopped playing, but he still picks it up now and then.

I have given a few more away, but no need to go into all of them. My point/question is have you ever given a guitar to someone? I love to see people falling in love with the guitar and then being able to hook them up. I am not always in a position to do so, but when I am it is one of my favorite things to do. I don't do it so I feel good about myself, because truth be told, I would rather keep my guitars. I do it because it brings joy and sometimes healing to someone...

Anyone else????