Most of us love a few odds and ends in our arsenals from the world of accessories. Some of us might like to see something added to the PRS Store for our guitars, or to wear, etc. The only rule in this thread is that it has to be something that's not currently available (if unsure, just go to the PRS online store and see if they have it already).

I'd like a PRS-spec'd combination bag-case like the hard-reinforced black nylon Incase bag that was provided with the John Mayer Fender. It'd be better if the rims on the lower portion of the case's interior weren't covered with nylon mesh, they should match the rest of the interior (to prevent scratches on the rims of the guitar). The Incase bag has excellent rigidity and neck support, and plenty of accessory storage. I honestly don't think that the Reunion Blues Continental or Mono compare in terms of construction or quality.

I know the Incase will fit a DC PRS, as I once had the bag for a CU22 Soapbar.

A leather trim option would be great, doesn't have to be all-leather. A subtle Eagle logo would be nice. No paisley.