Dear Gents,

I recently bought a Modern Eagle 1 NOS in tiger yellow. It's an excellent guitar and I love it. My question is about the satin finish. The way I play I sometimes place a couple of fingers down on the guitar body between the pickups next to the high E string. In just playing for a few days I polished the satin finish by rubbing it and picking against it. I lightly took some 0000 steel wool to it and that dulled it back up again but it left some small scratches. My efforts to remove the scratches only polished it to shine again. It seems that PRS uses some sand paper or superfine steel wool to do the finish on these satin models. I consider myself an "owner" and a player and I know that this is no big deal, but I also like to tinker with guitars and I want to know how to fix it. If anything just for piece of mind that I could fix it if I wanted to. As I see it my options are:

1. Keep playing it until I wear a Willy Nelson style hole in the top.
2. Keep playing it and after a while send it to PTC for them to fix it...if that's possible.
3. If someone here has a ME 1 with similar issues maybe someone could tell me how to fix it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas...
Bob Gomez

The picture I have here is before I started playing the guitar constantly. So it doesn't show the polishing.