Can you guys help me identify the differences between the variations of the Dallas amp in the wild today? My objective is to determine if I focus on buying only one specific model (which could take a while finding used) or buy what's available and send it back to Doug & company for modification.

As I understand, these variations exist:
+ Dallas
+ Dallas II
+ Bugs Henderson edition Dallas
+ Super Dallas

What's the evolution of this line and what changes define each version? Has Cinemag produced all of the transformers from day-one and they changed the specs/taps for the Super, or have there been other brands and xformers? Is the Super the only one with the reverb circuit gain stage? Tone stack changes? Can I have fries with that??!!

Before I buy new and/or CAD, I'd like to own something close to what I pursue. The Super Dallas seems to be that amp. But can an original Dallas really be made into a Super Dallas? I venture a guess, no.