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Thread: S2 Custom 22/24 models - anyone else having tuning issues?

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    S2 Custom 22/24 models - anyone else having tuning issues?

    I've had this guitar (S2 Custom 22) for about a week now and I still can't seem to get the damn thing to stay in tune - not using the trem bar so I don't think that's the issue.

    I tightened the locking tuners "hand tight," but this guitar will not stay in tune for more than a few minutes - even the strings on which I'm not bending or doing anything other than alternate picking or fingerstyle on will end up slighty flat after just a few minutes of playing. The G and B strings I do a lot of bending on, so these typically go out of tune faster than the others, but as I said, even the other strings will end up a little off after a little while - again, usually always a little flat.

    I'm hoping this has more to do with the possibility that maybe the factory strings are still pretty new and maybe not completely stretched out just yet? Otherwise I can't understand why a $1,400 guitar would have issues staying in tune. My $500 Epiphone Les Paul stays in tune better than this.

    Anyone else having trouble staying in tune with an S2 Custom 22 or 24?

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    Finger tightening the tuners might be the culprit. I use a dime and give them a twist after I finger tighten them.

    Did you change the string gauge ? Any " pinging " noise coming from the nut?
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    Its the nut. Mine did the same thing. Put some nut sauce in there. If that isn't curative, have a good setup done on it and have the slots widened

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