Of all the brands of guitars out there I think "for me" PRS has the most attractive lineup to the point where I want more PRS's then any other brand.

Let me explain.

Fender, all I never want/need is a good tele/strat - done. nothing else they offer appeals to me.
Gibson, Les Paul maybe a 3xx model - done. Les Paul probably being my fav looking guitar of all time, oddly I don't own one. Can never find one without issue, right color, right neck etc.
Taylor - Maybe a KOA model, but rather a PRS

I'm not listing them all but you get the idea.

PRS however,just too many - DGT, P22, CU24, SC, Mcarty, Santana, Artist, Siggy,and my dream, although it'll never happen is one of their gorgeous Acoustic Collection guitars. Of all the electric guitar talk, my real passion is still me and a nice acoustic, unplugged, nothing else but time and music.

The problem is I don't make enough money! I could get rid of the woman, which would save me a bunch! but she is kinda nice to have around....sometimes.