I always watched Mom and Dad sing and play at campfires and whatnot. I hated camping as a kid, but always enjoyed that part. My father is actually a very good guitarist and as a kid I just thought it was so cool. Sadly my hands just weren't big enough yet so I tried Piano first. We could not afford lessons and I had a small Casio Keyboard and tried to self teach myself. I was young, maybe 8-9. But I was always learning stuff and very mature for my age. Heck I was using PC's (programming simple scripts) at the age of 6-7 (I'm 38 now) so was not afraid to teach myself anything. But I could not get into the piano at all.

Dad had a early eightiest if not late 70's Yamaha FG750. Anyways, neck was miserable, action was really bad, you needed Gorilla hands to make a bar chord. I used to steal it while they were out and he had a book on how to learn the basic chords. I literally learned the chords in one evening. I faught to learn anything on the Piano, but the guitar was just natural. I also play by ear so once I had the basics down, figuring out other music came pretty quick.

This is where it gets funny. Once Dad realized I was stealing his guitar he broke out an old piece of junk strat copy from Sears that had been lying around the house for years not used. My first guitar he said. I had no amp. It had no bridge saddles as they were long gone. I had taken an old Colgate tooth brush, positioned it sideways on the bridge for the strings to have something to sit on. I am not kidding you. The Colgate Strat Copy from Sears! It was the tri Burst Strat color with the over sized fender headstock. My least favorite color strat to this day. I played on this guitar for a year before getting a brand new Ibanez RG roadster ii which I still have to this day

Yeah, we were broke. Mom and Dad had me very young. Lots of love, but no money. Greatest Parents a kid could have though.