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Thread: What did you learn to play guitar on? Your first one.

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    Gibson SG Special Faded Cherry.

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    Hagstrom HIIN-OT. I won it in a raffle my high school band had to raise money. I never really learned to play it (mainly because I didn't know how to tune it) but I learned a few chords. I ended up selling it to a friend several years later. The first guitar I really learned to play on was my daughter's short-scale Yellow Daisy model Daisy Rock.

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    a National Les Paul copy, black w/white binding & gold hardware.... former guitar of an inmate somewhere.
    I sat & watched the Star Licks video of Mike Wolf showing GnR riffs & licks for forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfmp3 View Post
    I had no amp.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikegarveyblues View Post
    No amp, no way to tune, no idea what I was doing!
    My experience exactly! I ran my guitar through hi-fi (years later, the 20W BC Rich amp didn't make a significant difference, but it had overdrive at least)
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