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Thread: Private Stock nitro - it's gonna relic quickly...

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    Private Stock nitro - it's gonna relic quickly...

    I was cleaning the back of the neck on my gigging PS Sig the other day, and I noticed some build up around the cowboy chord area. Thinking it was some dried sweat from my last gig outing, I used the edge of my fingernail to remove it. It turns out it was the finish peeling a bit

    I've had the guitar around a year, and it gets used a lot, but I must admit I wasn't expecting it to wear quite so quickly! I really love the way the finish is so thin and the way it has sunk slightly into the grain, which I'm sure enhances the tone too.

    On closer inspection, there are a couple of small areas on the back of the neck where the finish is no longer flat and smooth, and it's indented slightly. Not a problem to me as it was bought specifically as a gigging tool, and as I dropped the guitar on its first gig denting the lower edge it's certainly earning plenty of 'character' along the way. Whoops...

    So just a heads-up to those of you with a nitro finish - if you want it to stay looking factory fresh, wipe the guitar down properly with polish after playing it!
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