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Thread: Have you ever been GIVEN a guitar?

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    Cool Have you ever been GIVEN a guitar?

    Seemed like a good follow up to Danerada's topic...

    I’ve been given two over the years.

    One as a kid by a friend of the family something like 35 years ago. A nice little Yamaha nylon string that I still have today! The folks that gave it to me have passed. I still pull it out and play it from time to time and remember... I’ve loaned it a couple of times but I don’t really want to give it up.

    The second is an old Ibanez Blazer Strat that was given to me by a Fellow Jumpmaster. We were both AFF jumpmasters teaching skydiving at a Drop zone in California. It was my weekend job at the time but it was his only gig... He was a great guy and joy to be around, but had some demons. He hopped a Twin Otter that had been sold to a DZ in Florida with what he could carry in a couple of gear bags. I walked out to my car that night and found the guitar in the front seat with a note asking me to look after it for the next 20 years or so.... I later learned that the Heroin took his life. I still have the guitar.
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