I bought my Nov 2006 ME1 in Feb 2009, and it was my main guitar for nearly 3 years until I bought my PS Sigs. For the first year or so it was used at home and rehearsals only, then I started gigging it too. As a result, it's been in constant use and is showing just a touch of wear....

I'm planning on cleaning it up this weekend with a fret polish re-string and setup, so I've just grabbed some pics as a before shot in its current state. The pickup covers I'm leaving alone as they match dulled bridge and bridge posts, and the pitted tuning pegs.

So lets them - who else has an ME1 full of character???

FBJ ME1 DC the day I picked her up:

And now...

Tarnished pickup covers:

Dulled bridge posts:

Pitted tuning pegs:

Glossy spot from my hand resting between the bridge and volume pot:

Fretboard needs a clean and fret polish:

The back is in good shape, nice grain sink:

Couple of dings (there are more over the guitar, especially along the edges):