I totally love my 25th SAS NF. That combination of bolt on maple neck, swamp ash body, widdly bar bridge, and NF pickups makes such a great combination - killer classic Strat tones when you roll back the volume to 8.5 and fat Strat/P-90 tones on 10.

I want the same thing for Tele tones. The 25th McNarrowfield is cool but the combination simply does not get the Tele vibe I was hoping for. So I would love to see a SAS NF that has a bolt on maple neck, swamp ash body, hard tail bridge, and a pair of NF pickups.

Now on to my NF3. It's very cool but I think with the korina body it really needs a regular humbucker in the bridge - a korina Studio would be kick ass IMO. I'm thinking of sending mine up to Mr. Nuthall and friends to retrofit the bridge pickup for a humbucker.

The ME LTD is totally, totally bad ass. I can't believe I was going to sell it. There's nothing I'd change about it (other than maybe a more garish color).