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Talking about GAS and trades... Just saw your ex-McCarty pop up for sale online. I still think you made a good deal considering the condition and how much you seem to like it.

You should treat it as a keeper for a while
Yeah, the guy I swapped with was a drummer..the story on this guitar is I got this last year thru a few trades, traded to him for a Wolfgang..and then he put it underneath his bed. After I got the McCarty I realized it wasn't for me (I've had several McCartys that I really liked, but not this one!) so I emailed him (because of my GAS, I keep all emails on trades!) and asked if he wanted to trade...I basically I told him he'd probably get a bit more out of the McCarty so we swapped. I got back a guitar that I had liked which is more inline with my style, lost a bit on value..but gained a lot in need. I really wanted a Swiss army guitar..something I could get a strat/tele tone and something I could get a good rock tone on..and I like e Dragons a. It more when coil tapped than the McCartys.