Pignose 7-100 Amp

Pignose 7-100

I remember when the Pignose amps first hit the scene in the early 70s, but I never got one since I had bigger amps that I jammed with and played in a few bands with.

Since getting back into guitars again this past May I saw by reading the various guitar magazines I subscribe to that the Pignose is still a hot little oinker despite it being outsourced to be made in China now.

I ordered one from Amazon earlier in the week, and after getting it I put in the 6 AA batteries and cranked it up.
It is loud, not as loud as my other amps, but very loud for such a small enclosure and a 5" speaker.

If I want it to get really dirty sounding, I have to crank it up, and it is almost to loud.
I can get much better metal - cranked - distorted sounds from my other amps on lower volume and turning up the gain on them.

But it is a very cool little practice amp, might even consider bringing it along on a camping trip.

For the $$$ you cannot go wrong with this little piggy.

Vox Lead Amphones

Vox Amphones

Earlier in the year I bought the Vox Joe Satriani (has his delay effect built in) Amplug.
You plug it into the guitar, but you need to use your own headphones.

Vox recently came out with an all in one unit which they partnered with Audio Technica to use with your guitar, and also as stand alone headphones to plug into any music device.

They have four models with special effects built in, and I went for the Lead model.
All three of the guitar (they have a bass guitar one too) models have chorus/delay/reverb built in for the special effects.

What I liked about the Amplug one I had you can have it down low and crank the gain up and get tons of metal sound along with distortion.
Same thing with these new Amphones they came out with.

These have a nice sound, and the special effects while not being as good as a stand alone pedal, they sound pretty good.

Two of my amps, the Fender Mustang One and the Orange Micro Terror have a 1/8" headphone jack built in for silencing the speakers, but with these you do not need an amp so you can take your guitar somewhere without the amp and be able to jam, or just use them at home instead of being tethered to your amp.

The only things I can think of with the headphones is it is hard to feel the dials, and maybe best to do with the headphones off.
Maybe I will get use to it.
Also the cord it very thin, I see using caution with these to avoid breaking the cord.

I think both of these items are worth the money, and a lot of fun to use.