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Thread: Online Lessons?

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    Online Lessons?

    Always wanted to ask this here, so away I go...

    Who here uses online lessons to shore up their playing skills/fretboard knowledge or even flat out just learn to play?
    Which ones?

    Given the myriad of choices out there and the many different skill levels on this forum, I was thinking this may be a good place to have a short list of good sites to try

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    I teach online lessons. PM sent

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    back in the days my favorite videos were Paul Gilbert's. He really makes things sound cool and knows how to be a teacher. recently I found out he has some lessons you can subscribe and i found out it's interesting.
    I met Emil Wrestler at Experience (thanx to Th3 Mike) and I started to have lessons with him using the Skype. I couldn't be happier. He is such a nice person and got what I want and need and I am amazed how much joy I am having with my playing.

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  5. #5 I have the pro student plan. $150/yr and gives you access to almost all their videos through true fire tv.

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    I have a few lessons on my Y'yube page. They're all lesson for actual songs (Bar one or two) and i'll be doing more next year.

    However, i'm more interested in in doing lessons on the act of playing guitar itself, so I have plans to do lessons on scales, chords, setups, etc.

    I'll be starting a series of these in the new year, but aimed at the beginner to start with I think.

    I'm going to try the Google Hangout thing and Skype so I can do one to one or groups if possible.
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