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Thread: PRS SE Santana

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    PRS SE Santana

    Hi there,
    I have recently bought a PRS SE Santana, which by the way I like very much. The guitar is not USA made (Korea). I would like to upgrade the pickups, and I am looking for the ones that would give me that warm Santana sound, as close as it can be. Here in Vancouver, Canada, we are quite deprived of anything related to PRS. In the music stores which carry PRS gear, there are 1-2 guitars (Long &McQuade, for example), so it is very hard for me to try to see or to experience anything that has to do with PRS.This forum is my only hope for ideas and source where I can get what I need. So which pickups do you suggest and where to get them?

    Recently, I also tried to order S2 Mira through a Long & McQuade store, and I was told that I would have the guitar in couple of weeks. However, after couple of weeks I called the store and was told that actually the date is December 9th. When I complained, the sales person said that he had left 5 voice messages for dealer in California, and nobody had returned his call back. So I cancelled the order. I know that this is not PRS company fault, and I only wrote about this problem of mine just to give you an idea how much I have to fight for my PRS.
    I hope to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

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    I would get his US pickups for his sound.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    You could always call up my dealer, he is a few hours South of you.

    He can tell you when the Mira would be available.

    Also perhaps Maryland made Santana pickups might be the best ones for you.
    He can also order those I bet.

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    Thank you. Do you know if PRS sell pick ups from another santana line like santana1 or santana2

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