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    Game On...

    Now that all 54 cards have been adopted, who wants to play a little game of Texas Hold Em?

    Rules are simple, if you start a new thread, that thread is your hand to play. Once there are six replies from individual "card" members you make the best 5 card hand from yours and the other six available avatars. To even the playing field, you are not required to use your own card, just the best five card hand from seven available. Once you choose your hand just reply inside your thread like so:


    Which would be a full house, Jacks over Fours. If anyone gets confused just send me a PM and we will sort it out.

    The more threads you start that create interest and motivate replies, the better your chances to win the poker game.

    Once you have a hand together, come back here and reply with what you're holding in the format above and also include a link to your thread...

    Let's say this game will run from today to next Sunday @ 5:00 PM Central Time at which time a winner will be declared and awarded a prize. I will provide a choice of a few prize options to the winner.

    This contest is in no way affiliated with PRS, the company or any of its employees. Any member can win as long as they represent a card. Any prize will be my personal property and shipping will be free in the CONUS...

    Should be fun, let's see how it goes!

    Shuffle up and deal...

    ps I will need a deputy to help monitor games, verify hands, come up with game ideas etc... Please PM me if you are interested in helping out...THANKS!!!
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