This was going to be a two-part question, but until I come up with a second example, I'm sticking with this part.

We've all had albums that we've loved from the beginning or grew to love, or fell out of love with.

What albums have you heard, thought they sucked, and revisited years later to give the album a second chance and said, "Nope, I was right the first time - this is brutal"?

Two jump immediately to mind for me. The first is the first Rossington-Collins Band album, the one with "Don't Misunderstand Me". RCB is the band that grew out of the ashes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, with Dale Krantz on vocals. "Don't Misunderstand Me" was the first single, and it was pretty good. I remember listening to a live radio broadcast and thinking they weren't bad, but I recall a fair number of Skynyrd tracks, with the big moment being an instrumental version of "Freebird". I bought the album on 8-track (still have it), and it was bad. Really bad. Listened to it maybe three times and it went on the bottom of the pile. Years later, I pulled it out again and figured it couldn't be as bad as I remembered. It was.

Just to show how bright I can be - I bought their second album, too. Granted, it was a quarter in a cutout bin, but still. It was bad, too.

Second, "Crazy Nights" by Kiss. BIG Kiss fan. And I liked Bruce Kulick, so I was looking forward to this album. I remember when the single was released - "Crazy Crazy Nights". My wife was out running errands, and when she came home, she said "I heard the new Kiss single on the radio." I asked her how it was, and she said, "I don't think you're going to like it." She was right - I still don't like that song. The album didn't catch me, either. One or two songs, but overall, no. I listened to it for a while, but I couldn't get past my first impression. I did go back to it a few times, but it's never caught on for me. I can get through the live versions of some of the songs, but it's possibly my least favorite Kiss album.

Your turn...