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Thread: What's the shortest & longest time you've owned a guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    I've said this before in regard to posts like this, but what you're after isn't a guitar, but simply the thrill of the new. That thrill only lasts for a short time, so then you're in need of another thrill, and what was exciting only days before becomes expendable.

    The thrill of playing a great instrument should be the real object of the exercise of owning it of course. Not the thrill of buying. But for some reason, it's easy to forget that amongst all the NGDs, and "ooh, pretty top" and all the stuff that really, truly, is secondary and far less relevant to the purpose of the instrument.

    So I don't know what to call it, other than "thrill spending" but since you're pretty clear on it making zero sense for you, financially and personally, you know that you have the solution in your own hands: keep one or two and play them, instead of going shopping for them.

    Consider this: Stop looking for the "perfect" guitar, and just learn the instrument you have, in depth. Figure out what it can do, and make it work for you. Don't let yourself think about "well maybe if I only had..." Pretend you're on a desert island. Stay out of guitar shops. Don't browse ebay or the for sale threads on forums. Stay off of Craig's list.

    Eventually you may find it more satisfying and exciting to be bowled over by how great you sound, instead of what kind of top is on the guitar. And then, having achieved a great sound, you may not want to part with that instrument. Too picky to accept your tone? Work on what your hands are doing. Try different picks (you'd be surprised what a difference a pick makes). Use the guitar volume and tone controls to get as close as you can. Use what's on your amp. Just don't go shopping to solve the problem.

    It won't. Shopping does not solve the problem of too much shopping.

    You will have what your friend has, and what you say you want; namely, an instrument that you bond with. A keeper.

    It's my sincere belief that you can't bond with an instrument unless you play it for a while. It doesn't happen instantly. I think a lot of the guitar flipping that goes on is relatively neurotic; people looking for perfection that can't be attained, or if it is attained, can't be appreciated because they're always needing the next hit, instead of simply playing and learning.

    Or looking for flaws instead of appreciating positive attributes. It's like breaking up with an intelligent, kind and beautiful woman because she has a birthmark on her butt.

    There is no perfect guitar. But there can be perfect player-guitar relationships based on getting to know the ins and outs of the instrument, and really using it to its potential. Do that, and you will be cured of being a junkie. Fortunately, there's no physical addiction to deal with!

    I know a woman who is notorious for buying expensive clothing every single day. She buys stuff, returns stuff, buys more stuff. She had to rent a warehouse space to store clothing, 99% of which she's never worn. She sells some of her clothing on ebay. The point is, it's the same disease, different symptoms. Thank goodness her husband is a big earner.

    I also have a very good friend who's into music in a huge way. He's been successful enough in life to buy a bank. Good songwriter, excellent guitar player. Has various real estate holdings, into lots of fun things, too. He has one electric guitar, a nice late 90s PRS CU24 in black. He loves it. Doesn't feel the need to buy anything else, even though he is one of those guys who can do whatever he wants and never, ever has to worry about $. He took the view that he's happy with what he has. That's honestly not a bad way to be.

    You can do this. It's just a little self-discipline. I predict you'll enjoy being a guitar player more, not less.

    You're like yoda! lol. You are absolutely correct. It is the thrill of a new instrument. That rush you get when you get it home and open the case..I do really love that first few weeks with a guitar, and then I get a negative thought on something stupid about it, and then fixate on it, and then that justifys me trading. And even though I feel I am a competent guitar player (i play in a a band, recorded a few cds, been signed etc) I wonder if my lack of attachment to 1 guitar for a period of time has hurt my growth as a guitar player.

    Anyway, it's something I am working on, I know some people would laugh at a "guitar addiction" but it actually can cause some negative vibes. In my earlier post I mentioned a Deluxe Ash Tele that I loved that I traded, well I picked up another on about 3 months ago and still have it.. Thats a long time for me!lol. And this CE I just picked up is the 2nd time I owned it. I regretted trading it the first time and was able to get it back.. So, maybe I can stop. I certainly appreciate the positive, honest feedback. you nailed it on the head.
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