We all know how guitarists obsess over every little detail of our gear. Everything from strings to pickups, body woods to cables, pedals, amps, etc. There's such a market to expand and approve our "palettes" that we all end up spending a fortune on new guitars and gadgets.

What other interests do you have, or know of, that are gear intensive?

I'll start with cycling. When I took interest in riding earlier this year, I opened the door to a whole new world of gear obsession. I've seen so many parallels to us guitarists. Different bikes for different purposes/moods. Debates over the merits of different frame materials. People spending small fortunes on the hottest new trends purported to make you perform better. Brand snobbery. Old School contingents. And the list goes on.

I've spent months studying up on everything from pedals and shoes, computers, lights, gear ratios, components, the all-important Lycra shorts, etc. I now feel like I'm fluent in two different Gear Languages.

Other than cycling, I bet photography must have a lot going on, gear-wise. Any fisherman? Don't know much myself, but my dad has a ton of rods/reels and tackle for bass fishing.