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I remember when I when I got my first full-suspension bike - an XTR loaded Joshua F-1 from Fisher. It was AWESOME right on down to the Chris King hubs and ceramic rims.

I started getting pinch flats like crazy because I would just barrel over big rocks and bad sections. A hardtail forces you to pick a line. A good line.

Man, this thread makes me wanna pull the bikes out of the rafters!!!
I know the feeling! I got a single-speed hard tail, just to work on my riding--instead of my rock bashing. The side benefit of the single-speed is that it takes you right back to being 10 years old and cruising on that BMX bike!

Hans, let me know if you pull the bikes down and want to get out for a little bit. I've got a 2 year old, so the last couple seasons have not seen much riding--my ass is growing in inverse proportion to my stamina, but still.