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I see I'm the only 800+ year old on the Forum. Feels a little weird, I guess.

I don't remember the date of my birth. Even if I did, it wouldn't matter, because the calendar was different in those years in Constantinople, where I was born. You see, it started on September 1, and the year the Church figured was the year of creation, 5509 BC. And it was based on the Julian calendar, that gained about three days every four centuries. Anyway, it's a little difficult to remember, but if you're thinking, "Fall, 1195 AD," you're probably pretty close. Anyway, I left to join some sort of crusade, and subsequently found myself in Europe, where I picked up my first guitar around 1210. Here's a picture a friend painted of my first band. I'm playing the Guitarra Latina on the left, and my buddy Andronikos, who came with me on the journey, is playing the Guitarra Morisca, that's more like a Moorish instrument. By the way, those band outfits were pretty hip at the time. I mean, sure, the cloaks were long, but there you see the precursor to Spandex, i.e., joined hose....

I always look forward to your posts, and this one is A+ in my book. Thanks for helping get my day started in a fine way!