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Thread: The Contest: "Master of your domain"

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    The Contest: "Master of your domain"

    One of the unexpected side effects of getting to interact with "Ned The Destroyer" and seeing his "Serenity" guitar is that I have finally begun to watch Seinfeld. I know I am about twenty years late on seeing the show, but when it first came out I was busy having too much fun to watch television.

    So I saw the "Master of my own domain" episode and thought of our recent discussions about the amount of guitars we all own (or used to), and have come to view the practice as just a bit (nothing wrong with that) masturbatory.
    We all have a few heros who have primarily played one guitar, how long do you think you can go only playing one guitar?

    The thought is, you post a picture of a guitar you will remain faithful to for as long as you can. In that same post you put up a "bet" , could be a pedal, stickers, T-shirt, etc.etc. something tangible to create a small sense of loss for you that you would be willing to send to the winner (that part would be completely up to you, so don't play if you won't pay!), but not anything too big to create any animosity.

    When you "cheat" you post a picture of the guitar you played, and some lame excuse as to why you couldn't control yourself. It would be completely up to you to play fair, and we would be on the honor system. This game would be an exercise in restraint for some, or perhaps incentive for others to find a way to really bond with a single instrument they may be unsure of, or just an excuse for others to get creative with what they have.

    I would like there to be a start date and an end date, like maybe a month at first. If it goes well enough (or at all) the first time, we could up the ante for a second go round. I would also like to give you a chance to get some other guitars out of your system, but for those of you who may be expecting some seasonal joy, I would like to set a start date before the holidays.

    Anybody in? I mean it's not like we all don't "do it" already. it could be fun. Any other ideas would be welcomed!
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