I'm interested to know if there's any parallels between what you need in order to bond with a potential guitar, and what you need to bond with a potential partner.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that a girl (I'm a hetero guy) needs to be way more than a pretty face and nice body, but it's still necessary in order for me to be attracted. Personality is about 90% for me, and looks 10%.

The same goes for guitars, a guitar could be 90% tone and playability, and 10% looks and I'd be happy (my SE EG is case and point). I still need the looks, but as long as it doesn't look like Bootsy Collins' sunglasses, I'm cool with it.

This could be seen as a form vs. function thing, but let's stick to the partner parallel.

One major difference I can think of is we all grow old and get ugly anyway, however guitars, well they'll always look the same (assuming they're taken care of, and there's not a massive shift in perception).

What say you?