View Poll Results: How many pedals do you actually use?

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  • Zilch - I don't need no stinkin' pedals

    2 4.26%
  • 1 - 3

    7 14.89%
  • 4-6

    14 29.79%
  • 7-9

    16 34.04%
  • WAY more than I like to admit

    8 17.02%
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Thread: How many pedals are on your board?

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    Still a Junior Member Albrecht Smuten's Avatar
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    Morpheus Droptune
    Harley Benton Noise gate
    Marshall "Ed the Compressor"
    Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
    Behringer Equalizer
    Boss DD3 Digital Delay
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    Opaque John Beef's Avatar
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    I have 5 including a tuner pedal, but it's 7 including the amp footswitch and a tap tempo for the delay.
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    Senior Member slowro's Avatar
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    May 2012
    at the moment I have a polytune mini noir edition and a maxon od808, I want a reverb and a strymon timeline but they aren't imortant.
    I have an area 51 wah pedal that I got in p/x for a handmade stuart castledine wah (with very low serial number) but its gatherting dust as I never use wah.

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