Yes, that question!

I need some creative idea's to pop the question to the Woman. We have been together 14 yrs. Yes 14. Without getting into a long story there's been a lot of health issues in the past 5-6 years ( mostly me) that has delayed this. I've mentioned this before on here. I've come to the realization that I need to do this and not delay it any further. Health issues don't seem to go away or get better.

I'm not doing this before xmas. We just lost another young family member to Cancer, her birthday is actually coming up. It's going to be a rough xmas. My woman is just getting over a 12 month long Cancer scare a month ago as well, and we have another member with what looks to be throat Cancer. Basically it's been a really rough time, the family is quite tore up right now.

At first I thought hey it's xmas time, maybe spread some good news around the family during this rough time. But the more of I thought of it I have decided not to have a moment thats 14 yrs in the waiting to happen at this dark time. Probably January'ish maybe feb once things settle down so I have some time to come up with something clever.

We are not the type of people to spend boat loads of money on anything wedding related. So I'm looking for clever idea's, something cute/special that she'll remember.