hi, newbie, first post. i went to my local pawn shop to see if they had any cheap pedals, and i saw a prs se custom on the wall. it's scratched to holy hell, but i always wanted one. they wanted $300 for it, but i didn't want it with all the scratches. so he said i could have it for $150. i walked out the door with it. a lot of the scratches are deep. some, not too bad. so, my question here is, does anyone have experience with getting scratches out? i know i won't get them all, but if i could get the majority, i'd have pretty nice axe for $150. aqre the tops real, or are they silkscreened? if i could'nt get the scratches out, maybe i could sand it down, and stain it. also, i tried to take the wammmy bar off, and couldn't. is there a trick to it? sorry to ramble, but if anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated. thanx, scott