So, I stumbled across this video yesterday and it's completely blown my mind.

The tech being used is purely mechanical, it's not a robot guitar, and there are no electronic retuning going on and I have to say, the results are outstanding.

If you are intrigued at all then go have a look at the site and have a more detailed look.

The three main 6 string bridges they make for Strat, Tele and Les Paul type guitars are $330 (£205) and their 7 String version for Strat shape guitars is $480 (£298) which I think given how good it seems, is actually quite reasonable. Of course there is just the question of getting it fitted.

I would assume that one of the above types of bridges would retrofit in place of the main types used on PRS guitars, and if so, is this something you would consider?

I'm actually seriously considering looking into picking up another SE Cu24 or a 245 and getting an EverTune fitted.....