I've tried to stubbornly refuse to have a collection of anything. With guitars I try to have the discipline to only buy one if it will do something for me and get played. Now I think I might have accidentally collected red guitars.
The first guitar I bought was red.
The first PRS I bought was red.
The first hollow body I bought was red, even though I thought I wanted Lucille.
And when I thought it was time to upgrade my acoustic, it was red. Where do you even find a red acoustic?

Just the red guitars should probably be enough for most players, so maybe it wouldn't be a collection if it wasn't for the black, brown and blue ones. I have no idea where the line is, but I think I slipped over it and I'm afraid there is no going back.

Here is the story of the reds: http://mrpetesays.com/music/TheReds.html