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Thread: when does a few guitars become a collection

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    Know what, on further reflection, I think it isn't about whether a few guitars becomes a "collection"; it's more about the intent of the person acquiring the guitars, and the "why" of the acquisitions. Returning to the dictionary for a moment, here's the appropriate definition:

    "collector |kəˈlektər|
    1. a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby: an art collector."

    A museum curator would be an example of a professional collector. Bennett would be an example of a hobby collector. In either endeavor, the intent and purpose is to build a collection of things.

    Here's an example: A person buys several screwdrivers in different sizes. He/she got them intending to fix things around the house. Is that person a tool collector? In the same way as someone who collects screwdrivers that were, say, used by race car pit crews in NASCAR races? Obviously there is a vast difference in intent and purpose.

    I think we're talking a blurry line here. And because that line is blurry, to me it's best to look to the intent of the person who buys something. What's the purpose? If one's purpose is to build a collection, that's really different from a person who has a few guitars to serve different musical needs.

    In any event, merely looking at the number of objects isn't really going to distinguish between a "collection" in the sense of the word that most of us think of it, and just having a few such objects around for any number of other reasons.
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