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Thread: Can a PRS guru help with accurate dating of my PRS CE24 please?

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    Can a PRS guru help with accurate dating of my PRS CE24 please?

    Ive recently been reunited with my first ever PRS guitar that i never bonded with the first time around.
    I traded it in to buy a 1986 PRS guitar (pre standard) which i still own now.
    The reason i never bonded with it back in the day was the chainsaw pick up which squealed every time i went near my amp.
    In those days it was all high gain rockman, ada preamps rack effects marshall valve amps and 4 marshall 4x12's. all fart and no tone .
    Anyway the guitar recently came up for sale and ive managed to get it back.
    The thing is its been through the wars a bit including a respray, but i love the fact its been on a journey and is back with me again.
    Now i have it back the chainsaw pup has been ripped out and will probably end up on ebay
    it now sports Mccarty style switching and a SD Custom Custom in the bridge position.
    The reason im asking for help in dating the guitar is the serial number is very faded and hard to make out.
    Oddly it looks like a six digit number not five, that's printed on the headstock.
    The only thing thats in the P'up cavity is 1989 but i dont know if thats original or was written in there when it had a respray.
    I'll try to take a picture of the serial in daylight.
    Any help advice will be greatfully received

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