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Thread: NHTYPD - New Holiday Thank You Pack Day

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    NHTYPD - New Holiday Thank You Pack Day

    Just arrived today. Not that I purchased something new just the get the pack, but it was a nice bonus. I wonder how many Markie and 11Top have inbound? Thank you PRS for offering the Holiday Thank You Pack!

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    I've just bought an Angelus SE Custom electro-acoustic, just happened to be perfectly timed for this offer, then found out it was for US residents only - and I live in Scotland!

    Come on PRS - extend the offer world wide!!!

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    DAMN! Now that's a bunch of goodies!
    One Life

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    Just got mine Thursday as well... what an awesome way for them to say thank you to us. Thank you to PRS! You guys are the shizzle..

    ~ Matt

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