With 94 votes (so far) the average age of this forum's membership is 39.9 (source). With 29 of the 94 members in their 40's, it's safe to say that a fair number of us "grew-up" in the 80's. No doubt those of you a decade or two older were loving all that the 80's had to offer, as well.

So let's see it! Show us your white Lamborghini Countach, your pastel t-shirt and padded shoulder pads (you know you loved Miami Vice too), your big hair and eye-liner! I know damn-well I wasn't the only one rockin' ripped-up 501's with snake-print spandex underneath. How about links to your favorite 80's video? And if you have the stones... your photo!

I really did ❤ the 80's! Did you?