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Thread: Ok. Now the other side of the coin. If your not happy with your rig

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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    You'll never regret a Mesa Mark V. I don't play out or with a band and my Marshall and Peavey 6534 were just too much for at home jamming. I bought my Mark V a year ago and it's the perfect amp. If you play at home like me then the 10 watt mode is perfect and if you play in a band, the 45 or 90 watts can melt the paint off your walls. Don't get me wrong, the 45 watt and 90 are capable of bedroom levels too with the master volume.. All in all the Mark V is just a awesome amp. It will not disappoint especially channel 3. It's a beast!
    Thanks David (and Les)! Working on a trade deal right now!

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    I'm not sure that "unhappy" is a word that I'd use relative to my "rig". The joy in it for me is to explore all of the options that are out there. In fact, some of the greatest pleasure I get out of some of the stuff that I've used as a live rig has been in figuring out how to make something work out (like maybe a single channel amp in a cover band setting or a low power amp in a large setting) that is challenging. If it were just about consistency with acceptable tone, there are plenty of easy options. It's making the harder options work in a unique way that's fun to me. So, I'm always happy with my rig, but I'm always changing it around too.

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