What's up PRS buds! With the holidays coming up I wanted to know what your best gifts ever where. Who knows some of these might just give you a good idea for your next gifting.

Here are mine.

For my 30th birthday my wife helped me get a new car. Here's how. As we leave for work I find this MB branded bag in my current car's floorboard. Inside are some brochures, a key chain, thermos and so on and letter she wrote, but it reads like it is from the MB dealer, which spells out the gift. The gift is that once I had selected a car she would pay for all the fees to get the car off the lot and also pay 1/2 the payment until I was 31. Awesome gift! Awesome wife!

The bag in my floorboard.

The car.

For my 31st birthday my wife had the menu's at my favorite restaurant printed with my name on them. See picture. The menu's had removable inserts. She took these to a copy center and just had them add the text. She said it was like $2 a menu and the place had 50-60 menus. So it wasn't such an expensive gift but we go there weekly...more if I have my way so it is kind of our place. They let us keep the menu's like this and every so often I hear someone say "I wonder who this Jesse guy is". Great idea! Great wife!

Check out that "Tamale Deluxe" action. And yes if any of you are in the STL area your Tamale Deluxe is on me.

The meal.

For my wife's 30th birthday I took her on a shopping spree to a local Von Maur which is my favorite department store. I wanted it to be after hours and have the piano player to learn some of her favorite songs to play while she shopped. I couldn't get them to open up for us after hours but they let us come in just before closing and agreed to stay until we left. Easy compromise I thought so I went with it. The piano player was great and agreed to learn all of the requested songs. Poor guy. Hahaha. The staff greeted us when we entered and gave my wife her birthday card and the piano player started happy birthday. After she got to loot up with a personal shopper while listening to some of her favorite songs. I thought it was a pretty good one.

Action shot.

Let's hear yours. I want some new ideas!