Good Tone. What is it? That depends on who you ask. Even to me, that is a hard question to ask.. But each of us has an idea floating around in their head of what good tone is. I don't believe uou need to spend thousands of dollars to get good tone.. I have heard some guys playing $400 Fender guitars through some ratty looking amp and sound great.

So what makes Good (Great) Tone? Here are some ideas to get us going:
  • Good technique
  • A nice guitar doesn't hurt
  • Nice Tube Amp
  • good effects
  • No effects
  • a good ear for music (Guitar)

Good Technique;
What do I mean by this? I think I am an OK guitar player and I can achieve good tone. However, I know some guys who just make the guitar sing.. it is just in their blood.

Nice Guitar:
You don't have to own a 59 Les Paul, a 62 Strat, 53 Tele, or the like to make good tone.. It is nice but not critical,

Nice Tube Amp
Although I have heard some guys get great tone from a SS amp. I think tubes are warmer and nicer. OK Question of the Thread... What makes a nice Tube Amp?

I look forward to your replies...