In 2012 I started to learn the value of lightening up and taking in some different experiences. That said I have never made new year resolutions in the past but decided to do so this year. I imagine I will add some things to the list in the future but here they are in no particular order.

  • Visit my dealer's shop. I'm in STL and he's in Canada. I have never been.
  • Visit 3 different forums members for the weekend. Must be separate trips and separate states.
  • Raise $5,000 for the Humane Society of Missouri.
  • Do something measurable to help promote PRS. Maybe you guys can help me think of something. I have a few things in mind.
  • Post one valuable thread a week as per my agreement with Hans for the 7 of Hearts.
  • Work through one music book/video a month.
  • Take at least one music lesson a week.
  • Give someone a guitar.
  • Tag team a PS with someone. I think it would be great to watch someone else build a PS and have them be around for my build.
  • Start painting / making art again. Get said art into galleries and get at least 6 sales. I have a BFA with a specialization in print making. Before I finished my subsequent degrees I lost all of the art work I had created in college due to an issue at a storage unit. I lost every newspaper clipping, slide, photograph...everything. I did not have a digital camera then. I wager most people didn't. I haven't gotten back on the horse since. It is time.
  • Finish my project studio and record some songs.
  • Learn Logic 9 and ToonTrack Superior Drummer.
  • Score at least 5 voice gigs. I have always been told I should be in radio or do voice work.
  • Hang out with J. Hayes. Turns out he lives really close to me.
  • Get a tattoo with Paul Miles from Jeff Gogue. Yes, seriously.
  • Get in significantly better shape by my birthday in May. My wife does both power lifting and bikini fitness competitions. She is in amazing shape. I need to step it up a notch...or two. More on this later after I get an idea of my goals.
  • Start a new business. I have some ideas.

Here's to a productive 2013!

If you have made any what are yours?