This is something I've wondered for a while - could PRS successfully design, manufacture, and market a guitar to fill in the hole in their price range? As of now, most SE models go for around $700 or less new, and the cheapest Maryland guitar is a Mira with moons at around $1600. If a guitar was made to fill this spot, what would you expect from in terms of where it was made (Korea or MD), design, woods, features, etc?

My theory is that the best shot would be something to the effect of an SE model, with USA pickups, nut, and tuners, since these seem to be the things that get replaced most anyways. Maybe upgrade the pickups to match the USA counterparts. But then you have the questions of would people pay $1000 or more for a Korean made guitar, and if they did, would it hurt the USA sales?
Of course, I would most love to see a USA model in this slot, but I feel like that's not as realistic - the Mira X and Starla X were there for a while, but they were very plain to look at, and quite honestly, looked like they could've been done just as well as SE models. Then again, lots of players love them from what I've heard, so maybe I'm missing something.

So what's your opinion? Could it be done? Should it be done?