We had a few guitars hanging around the factory that had been used as Rep samples or Magazine Review guitars and management decided they would offer them for sale to employees. There were a lot of killer pieces, including a really sweet ME III with two tappable Narrowfield pickups and a full size 57/08 in the bridge, but the one guitar I really had my eye on was this beautiful JA-15.

This is one of 6 guitars originally built for the 2010 Experience and the hang tag even shows that it was assembled the day before the experience started (9/23/10). After it was on display at EXP, it was sent to various guitar magazines for review . This is so early, it pre-dates Phase III tuners and this one has the Modern Eagle style, Phase II's and 53/10 pickups. Needless to say this is an amazing guitar, it just rings with a sweet woody tone when played acoustically. I haven't yet plugged it in, but the factory will be closed after Christmas so I'll have several days to really put it through it's paces.